Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience Class
$75.00 /4-week course
  • Dogs must have completed Intermediate Obedience class at The Canine Connection or pass a proficiency evaluation conducted by one of our training professionals.
  • Dogs and handlers must be proficient in clicker training.
  • Current on all vaccinations including Bordetella & CIV 1 and 2
  • Upcoming Classes

Canine Influenza Virus has just recently been verified in Fayetteville, AR. Dogs who are exposed to it are 80-100% likely to become infected. With that in mind we are now requiring that all dogs be vaccinated. There are two vaccinations required, the first by the time the puppy is 12 weeks old, and the booster 3-4 weeks later.

To begin the new year, we’ll evaluate and work on improving basic obedience exercises (heeling, recall, stays) and working around distractions. In addition, each week we’ll introduce and develop some new skills on which our dogs can build - for example, pivots, finding heel position from different angles and distances, finding front from different angels and distances, sending to a target. We will build on these skills as we progress. This class is sure to reinforce the training skills you have been working on and expand your comfort zone (and FUN zone) by working on new behaviors. Because, after all, isn’t that what the New Year is all about?

Upcoming group class starting dates and topics, along with enrollment instructions, will be announced on this page.

Call us at 479.444.0300 to register for Advanced Obedience classes.

Training FAQ

I want my dog to be a therapy dog. Do you have classes for that?

A very wise therapy dog evaluator once told us, "If someone ever tries to charge you for ‘therapy dog classes', run! Because the training for a therapy dog is obedience training!" And, yes, we do obedience training…LOTS of obedience training. Assuming your dog has the right temperament to become a therapy dog, we can absolutely help you achieve that goal.


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