Agility Foundations

Agility Foundations Course
$80 /Course (8 Courses)
  • Dogs must pass a proficiency evaluation conducted by one of our training professionals.
  • Current on all vaccinations including Bordetella & CIV 1 and 2

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Canine Influenza Virus has been verified in Fayetteville, AR. Dogs who are exposed to it are 80-100% likely to become infected. With that in mind we are now requiring that all dogs be vaccinated. There are two vaccinations required, the first when the puppy is 12 weeks old, and the booster 3-4 weeks later.

Agility Foundations - the most important parts of a future agility dog’s education include drive, enthusiasm, and focus. In this workshop, we will work on bringing out the best in young dogs by fostering these traits and building the handler-dog relationship. The class is for dogs who are not yet ready to jump at full height and to learn all of the obstacles. We won’t work on weave poles or contact equipment as part of the class, but there will be lots to work on – from warmup routines to start lines to basic handling skills to keys to maximizing speed.

Dogs should be at least seven months old and have some familiarity with basic obedience commands (especially stay and come). Older dogs are welcome. This class will begin on Sunday, June 10 at 4:00 p.m. There will be a total of 8 classes in the course, but will be held intermittently depending on Ed’s availability due to scheduled agility trials).

Training FAQ

Why does my dog have to have obedience training before we can take agility class? I'm really only interested in agility.

We totally understand your enthusiasm for agility! It looks like so much fun, right? But in order for your dog to "get" agility, he must have a solid foundation in obedience.


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Because we want to protect you as well as our trainers and staff from the Coronovirus, we have decided it is in the best interests of all to postpone classes until further notice. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page or feel free to call us on our hotline, 479.935.0811 for updates.

Any credits you have toward future classes will remain active. Beginner and Intermediate Obedience students, we will pick up right where we left off. Be sure to continue working on the skills you’ve learned thus far so you’re ready to jump back in when classes resume.

Thank you for your understanding, and please stay safe!