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Whatever your training goals may be - from teaching your dog to be a well-mannered companion to competing for titles at dog shows - we've got you covered. Using positive reinforcement techniques (primarilly the clicker and food rewards), we strive to make training fun for both you and your dog while helping you reach your personal training goals.

Our Classes

Feel free to stop by and observe any of our classes. Dog trainers love to show off their dogs!

The perfect gift for your new puppy, Puppy Preschool is an ideal opportunity for your puppy to socialize with other dogs his own age and begin learning some basic manners.

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Whether you simply want a well-behaved dog, or you aspire toward competition-level obedience, The Canine Connection’s Beginner Obedience class is the place to start.

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Few people enter obedience training with any concept of how much fun they’re about to have, or how deeply they’re about to bond with their dog. These two incredibly powerful side effects of Beginner Obedience compel many students to take training one step further.

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Whether you’re interested in competing in formal obedience, Rally-O, or just love training your dog, you and your dog will have a ball in The Canine Connection’s Advanced Obedience class. Our experienced instructors “mix it up” each week to keep training fun and interesting for both you and your dog.

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Agility is currently the fastest growing dog sport in the country. It is the canine equivalent of the human obstacle course or the equestrian steeplechase. Dogs sail over jumps, scurry through tunnels, scramble over A-frames and seesaws, and wind through weave poles at a dizzying pace…all at the direction of their handler. This is the ultimate dog-handler team event, and the ultimate in fun!

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This class is for those who have completed beginner agility, are familiar with all of the obstacles (equipment), and may be getting ready to complete.

Each module will consist of 4 classes and will emphasize, but not be restricted to, working on particular skills. $100 per module.

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As one of the newest titles offered for dogs by the AKC, Trick Dog training is growing quickly in popularity. Training your dog to do tricks is about more than earning a title, though. Training your dog to perform tricks also helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog and builds confidence in both dog and trainer.

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