Tricks Class

Trick Classes
$125 /6 Week Course
  • Dogs must be at least six months old (five months if they have completed our puppy preschool class).
  • Current on all vaccinations including Bordetella
  • Only one handler per dog for the duration of the course

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As one of the newest titles offered for dogs by the AKC, Trick Dog training is growing quickly in popularity. Training your dog to do tricks is about more than earning a title, though. Training your dog to perform tricks also helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog and builds confidence in both dog and trainer. Training dogs to do tricks also stimulates their brains and helps them learn more quickly, increases motivation to learn, and improves physical fitness. This sport is open to all dog breeds, including mixed breeds.

This class runs for 6 weeks and is conducted in a workshop-style format, including all title levels from Novice to Performer levels. Dogs who successfully meet the requirements will be able to earn titles by the end of the workshop. $125 for the 6-week course.

Class size is limited, so be sure to enroll now to secure your spot.


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